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Vendredi 9 mai 2014 5 09 /05 /Mai /2014 10:42

Got vagcom 12.12.0 blank or cracked CD, no worry; got to for download vagcom 12.12.0 software, and that is CVDS V12.12.0 software.

Here is the link for VAGCOM 12.12.0 Software, free download for users:

vagcom v12120 software free download

Why I could get this link? It should begin from my purchase of VAGCOM from China. As you know, shipment or delivery has something cannot be controlled, like goods being damaged by dropping or shaking while shipping. Unfortunately, I have encountered and was angry at that moment, so I turned to complain at them, and they finally gave me a link for free download.

Of course, I was not a mean people, good customer service and patient in solving my problem; I finally withdraw my complaint but told them should be paid attention delivery selection.

In the later orders of other VAG diagnostics, I have no found the same problem. And I was happy and found more useful software in if you do need any related diagnostic tool software, try it.

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Mardi 8 avril 2014 2 08 /04 /Avr /2014 11:05

As we know now, there are halogen headlights, auto HID Xenon light, and auto LED lamp, the future will have laser headlights. Actually, this article will introduce you three simple and useful extra enriching configurations for common headlights.

Advantage 1: Automatic headlights – simple to operate

auto HID Xenon light

Automatic headlights have slowly common and many compact cars already have this configuration. It is based on the fundamentally practical, and it eliminates the need for complicated operation, especially for freshmen or drivers lack of driving skill. In this way, automatic headlights have become the choice of the lazy. Hence, when you choose a car, you could take consideration on cars with this utility configuration.

Advantage 2: headlights servo steering - can increase security

Headlights servo steering function is very useful, and it can improve traffic safety. If the vehicle steering, headlight lights will automatically turn to the side of the pan, so that with the illumination light conditions, it is early to predict pedestrians or obstacles in front of a dark environment. Headlight steering servo brings us not only practical, providing more on enhancing security. If the price is not too ridiculously high, it is worthy having this configuration.

Advantage 3: headlight cleaning - not much opportunity to use

auto LED lamp

Headlight cleaning is not a new configuration; it has been placed in more than 100,000 vehicles. But personally speaking, this feature is usefulness or not should be tested by time. For headlights cleaning is not so frequently, and I think it might work every three months. Of course, if driving in snow or mud bog extreme environments, automatic headlight cleaning has more space to play. In general, this figuration has its own value, but compare with the previous two configurations, it is practicality slightly less.

Conclusion: The rapid development of automobile headlights and automotive technology enable us to buy products not only include halogen headlights, auto HID Xenon light, and auto LED lamp, the future will have laser headlights......

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Jeudi 26 décembre 2013 4 26 /12 /Déc /2013 09:35

The software program of FVDI ABRITES Commander for Ford continues to be updated to version 4.9. At the moment, the software program is available on Chinasinoy, a web based car diagnostic tool wholesaler. In the event you purchase the software package, being a bonus, you can find Hyundai and Kiay Tag Crucial Tool software program without spending a dime.

FVDI ABRITES Commander Ford

FVDI ABRITES Commander Ford is actually a application for diagnostics of FORD cars. After decades of research and improvement, the Ford FVDI commander V4.9 now supports 19 languages, such as English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Danish, Czech, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, and Brazilian. Apart from languages, the brand new software package also supports more incode calculations, essential programming and mileage recalibration.


In addition to FVDI Ford Commander, fourteen other FVDI goods had been up to date into most recent edition, too. To find out more:


If you wish to update your device, make sure you call the client service at Yahoo:

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Samedi 5 octobre 2013 6 05 /10 /Oct /2013 10:33

For auto repair, the different jobs need different car diagnostic tools such as launch creader; some are further more complex than the others. And this will include the fuel consumption, time since last service. It can give mechanic complete impression of how engine is working, and where there is errors happening.


Buying a Luxury car can be a dream of anyone. Many of us dream of being able to someday purchase a luxury car. A Luxury car is the one place where you can put your money and enjoy it almost every day. When you decide to take you vehicle to a car repair centre, it is important to have an understanding of the differing services and capabilities of modern garages. Such as vvdi commande. Because of this it was far easier for garages to deliver generic repair services for many makes of car. In today's world, most vehicles utilize complex electronics to control everything from engine management systems to drive train operation and for this reason VAG Diagnostics tool has become a much more specialized task to repair and maintain vehicles correctly.


Knowing in much detail what type of issues are causing car engine to act in particular manner is a key to correct fault in timely and effective manner. So once the car out of work not longer only an idea in mind what ask for help to garage, take a auto diagnostic too will be tool help you in future.

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Jeudi 3 octobre 2013 4 03 /10 /Oct /2013 10:26

VAG vehicles are fast, safe and reliable to customers. While even though it is with these features, vag vehicles should be maintained and repaired with obd2 tools like vvdi immoplus. vvdi immoplus is a kind of auto diagnostic tool which can be upgraded to fit for vehicles demand.


As to upgrade, many people have inquiry withvvdi immoplus. Today I have an introduction for you. Firstly, download Commander Update V1.3 software: Commander update V1.3; then, give your dearler or seller the serial number and finally sellers or dealer will send you upgrade file by email. After upgrade, vvdi immoplus supports more functions.


With the popularity of VAG all over the world including Europe, Asia or South America and etc, there are great demands of VAG Diagnostics. It is very expensive in repairs and maintenance in these areas; so many people are seeking help from obd2 tools which can save them much money.

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