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Vendredi 11 juillet 2014 5 11 /07 /Juil /2014 11:35

USB VAG Commander 5.1 dropped down to﹩24.99. Following are about my personal experience with VAG Commander 5.1.

This Commander 5.1 diagnostic cable allowed me to connect my car directly to my laptop computer. I used the software interface to access data from my car right on the computer screen. I can view live data straight from the vehicle's engine. The device has helped me clear all generic and some manufacturer specific DTCs. I had access to my vehicle's OBDII Freeze Frame data (which is captured when the vehicle's on board computer detects problems).

I found it is easy to get started with this obd2 tool. All I need is this VAG cable, a computer, and a vehicle. No extra converters, connectors, or tools are required. Plug one end of the cable into my vehicle's Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC), which is usually located within easy reach of the driver. Plug the other end into my computer's USB port, and install the included software. And then all I need to is to ready to access and interact with my car's on-board computer. Do-it-yourself has never been so simple!

VAG CAN Commander 5.1 has others features as well, such as: display live data, read security access code of immobilizer, eeprom and flash memory of instrument cluster. I have not tried them out yet. I used to pay a lot of money to local mechanics for those tests. Now I get this cable and start saving today.

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Mercredi 9 juillet 2014 3 09 /07 /Juil /2014 13:48

My friend felt worried, when I told him that I bought VAS 5054A from China. But in fact, this VAG diagnostic tool works great. I just spent 79 dollars and I got my package in ten days in London. Nothing is damaged or broken.

VAS 5054A

I met a little trouble due to operation system. My PC is Win 7, VAS 5054A is not fit on my laptop. I contacted with the seller. They told me that it supports Win XP only. They gave me a link in time:

I downloaded the Win XP system on my laptop. And VAS 5054A can work smoothly.

When using, I do not need any cables. It can easily connect my Audi A6 via Bluetooth. I also diagnosed my brother car VW, it worked great. I heard that it can support all OBD vehicles systems. I need time to test it in following days.

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Mercredi 18 juin 2014 3 18 /06 /Juin /2014 10:45

Hi, Apple,

I just got my VAG Vagcom 12.12.0 cable today. I downloaded the software you send me, did the test everything was okay. The tool works alright except when I did the auto scan address 1 and 2 was fine, but on address 3, it gave me the license error. What was wrong? I think the cable is broken. I operated the tool as you told me. The internet connection, firewall and virus program was off. Please help me ASAP, thanks.


Dear Serdar,

This obd2 tool only can do diagnoses. License error usually happens when the tool asks for license. If it asks for license, it meanings, the function need authorization. The cable is a clone one, and we cannot provide authorization for the function. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards


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Lundi 2 juin 2014 1 02 /06 /Juin /2014 11:04

Lately, in the list of hot selling obd2 tools in France, there is vagcom 12.12.0. In my opinion, its main reason is 2014 Latest VAG Vagcom 12.12.0 only US$19.00 or €14.06.

vagcom 12.12.0

Many diagnostic cables are hot among users. Apart from low-cost, what the other functions it supports?

Vehicle coverage: VW Crafter vans, all the latest 2014 model VW/Audi Group passenger cars; all VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda models through the current model year, including models using a direct CAN connection for diagnostics, such as Passat TDI 2010.

Version: newest version v12.12.0, more stable than that of 11.11.

VAG COM12.12.0 diagnostic cable supported computer systems: works with Windows7, Windows XP, and 32-bit. 64-bit

Finally, it is with multiple features available, like airbag coding assistant, revise and expand ROD data, new USB drivers and add data types 0B, 0D, 0F to Generic OBD-II Mode 9, etc.

What is more, there are also some VAG diagnostic tools hot in France, like vag com 11.11 French versions, vas 5054a Francais for VW group, Bentley and Lamborghini diagnostic, but as to coding online should be with other software.

In fact, apart from diagnostic tools hot in France, ecu chip tuning tool is still hot, and CARPROG, newest carprog and FGTech Galletto 2 could stand for. Hence, if you are interested in them, please link to

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Vendredi 9 mai 2014 5 09 /05 /Mai /2014 10:42

Got vagcom 12.12.0 blank or cracked CD, no worry; got to for download vagcom 12.12.0 software, and that is CVDS V12.12.0 software.

Here is the link for VAGCOM 12.12.0 Software, free download for users:

vagcom v12120 software free download

Why I could get this link? It should begin from my purchase of VAGCOM from China. As you know, shipment or delivery has something cannot be controlled, like goods being damaged by dropping or shaking while shipping. Unfortunately, I have encountered and was angry at that moment, so I turned to complain at them, and they finally gave me a link for free download.

Of course, I was not a mean people, good customer service and patient in solving my problem; I finally withdraw my complaint but told them should be paid attention delivery selection.

In the later orders of other VAG diagnostics, I have no found the same problem. And I was happy and found more useful software in if you do need any related diagnostic tool software, try it.

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